Marketing Kit

We know it's hard to think of everything, so we've composed a variety of marketing materials for you to use to promote your print directory, and other marketing services such as website design and social media management to your employees and customers. Promoting these products and services throughout the year is important to create awareness and offer new marketing solutions to your clients. Extra promotion before and during sales can also help increase the potential revenue and usage of the products.


We've made the artwork to many of these promotional pieces available for you to use with the ability to customize each piece with your logo and contact information.


If you are interested in utilizing these materials, please contact our Marketing Department at 800.343.8086, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Cover Photo Gallery

Discover the diverse photo options we have available to use on your directory cover.


Click on the galleries below, to view photo sample and take note of your favorites.

Submit Your Photo Request Today!

Once you have found a photo you would like to use, contact your Cover Design Specialist with the file name of the photo and they will take care of the rest.


Phone: 800.343.8086

Being Environmentally Responsible

The Yellow Pages Industry has a long history of environmental responsibility. Initiatives include source reduction, manufacturing processes and recycling.


Pinnacle signed a Statement of Commitment with the Local Search Association (LSA) to remain environmentally responsible. We also cooperate with state and local environmental laws and regulations.


Tips for Recycling Your Directory

  • Check your phone book for recycling information, usually in the front or back
  • If curbside recycling is offered in your community, you will likely have the ability to recycle Yellow Pages directories by putting them in your curbside bin
  • If curbside recycling is not an option, visit your county’s solid waste department’s website for recycling information

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Delivery Opt Out

Manage Your Directories

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